Australian Natives Collection with Emily Ziz

My Australian Natives collection is available exclusively from Emily Ziz Studio in wallpapers, murals, upholstery, carpets and much more. The Australian Natives Collection is a celebration of the birds, foliage and flowers that you find in the Australian landscape. From the natural beauty of eucalypts and flowering gums, to the vibrant energy of cockatoos and galahs, it’s like wandering into the quintessential Australian garden. You’ll also encounter waratahs, kangaroo paw flowers and wattle. The Brights and Bolds colourways represent the dynamic hues of Australian fauna, while the Outback Neutrals colourways depict the muted tones of the country.

Choose from multiple colourways. For sales and enquiries please contact Emily Ziz Studio


Australian Natives Collection by Valerie Khoo