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Valerie Khoo

The tulips are too excitable

The tulips are too excitable

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The tulips are too excitable. It’s such an evocative line from a poem by Sylvia Plath that it inspired this painting of double petal tulips, which I was inspired to paint after spotting some beautiful tulips which reminded me to this poem.

Painting an artwork is like many creative processes. There is the initial excitable spark of the idea. And then the exhilaration of starting.

And then, when you get into the depths of the creative work - whether that’s in creating art or music or writing - you wonder whether you’re on the right path.

But when you push through and have the motivation to get to the other side, there’s the reward - a different kind of exhilaration; an understanding that you have emerged to where you’re supposed to be.

Find a YouTube video about this artwork here.

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
Signed on the back.
102cm (W) x 102cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Free shipping and insurance within Australia.

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